Upgrading to MBF


Upgrading to MBF

If you are frustrated by another company's system because of limitations, lack of technical support, poor quality, or wish the company had provided better training...

...we can help.

MBF Bioscience has assisted numerous researchers in easily transitioning to Stereo Investigator from other systems, including Visiopharm NewCAST, Olympus CAST, and SRC Stereologer.

We provide the training, support, and overall attention that you need to become productive.

If you are using a stereology system other than Stereo Investigator, or a neuron tracing system other than Neurolucida, we invite you to try the system currently used in thousands of labs around the world and cited in more peer-reviewed journals than any other system.

Smooth Transition

Start by simply contacting one of our knowledgeable sales staff.

Together, we will discuss your research needs and determine how to best incorporate your current hardware into your new system. We will provide you with a price quote that will include the new software, any new hardware that is necessary, and our on-site installation and training program.

We will do everything we can to preserve your investment in your existing hardware.  We work closely with the major global microscope and peripherals companies to successfully integrate microscopes, cameras, and stages into the most efficient and productive systems possible.  

Renowned Technical Support

If you’ve been left hanging without support from your current system provider, you can rest assured that the MBF support team won't let that happen.

It is our mission to provide the best solutions and services to biological researchers worldwide, to assist in the pursuit of scientific knowledge. And our technical support program is part of what separates us from our competitors.

Our software solutions are second to none, and our support program offers an unrivaled level of attention and dependability.

Contact us to begin your transition, either by email or phone - 1.802.288.9290.

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