Stereo Investigator Value Package

Stereo Investigator® Value Package

The Most Affordable Way to Get Unbiased Stereological Data

Obtaining credible data doesn't have to be expensive. The Stereo Investigator Value Package helps researchers on a limited budget get statistically valid estimates of the number, length, area, and volume of cells or biological structures in a tissue specimen.

This package comes with Stereo Investigator software, which is cited in over 8,000 published research papers, and the same renowned technical and research support from the experts at MBF. To ensure you get up and running quickly and smoothly with your new system, one of our staff scientists or microscopy experts will travel to your lab to install the system and train lab members on how to use it.

Read about the Signature System or Advanced System if the value package doesn’t fit your needs


A system for brightfield stereology configured on a Zeiss microscope


With the Stereo Investigator Value Package, you will get:

  • Stereo Investigator software
  • Motorized XYZ stage system including a stage controller, joystick, and specimen
  • Focus position encoder for precise Z-axis measurements
  • Scientific-grade color CCD camera
  • 64-bit Windows 10 PC and 24” LCD monitor
  • Integration with your brightfield research microscope
  • Two days of on-site installation and training
  • 6 months of our renowned technical support
  • 2 year warranty on hardware 

The Stereo Investigator Value Package is the world's most affordable, quality stereology system. And, it is upgradable to any or all of the advanced features found in a full Stereo Investigator system. Please see the hardware page for more information about microscope compatibility or contact us. If you need a new microscope, we can help.


Professional Technical Support

When you call us you will speak with a person - not an automated system. Talk to us about your hardware, software, or experimental design questions. Our team includes Ph.D. neuroscientists and experts in microscopy, stereology, neuron tracing, and image processing; ready to help you over the phone or online.

Customer Reviews

"Stereo Investigator is the gold standard for unbiased stereology, and I can't say enough to praise the technical support provided by MBF Bioscience."
Bob Jacobs, Ph.D.
Colorado College
"We've used Stereo Investigator for 10+ years. The technical support is outstanding, and the company itself is highly responsive to their customers."
Glenn Rosen, Ph.D.
Harvard Medical Center
"We have used Stereo Investigator for over 10 years now. The service and technical support is always great and they keep adding new updates with more tools."
Paula Bickford, Ph.D.
University of South Florida

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