"With Stereo Investigator we were able to get accurate estimates of numbers and show differences between your study groups without the introduction of sampling bias."
Mona Selim, Research Associate
University of Minnesota
"The helpfulness, availability and experience of the MBF staff has been extraordinary. I would recommend any of their products wholeheartedly."
Clara Thore, Ph.D.
Wake Forest University
"We’ve been very happy for many years with MBF products and the course of upgrades and improvements. Your service department is outstanding."
William E. Armstrong, Ph.D.
University of Tennessee
"MBF provides excellent technical support and helps you to find the best technical tools for your research challenges on morphometry."
Wilma Van De Berg, Ph.D.
VU University Medical Center - Neuroscience Campus Amsterdam
"Neurolucida is clearly the product of people who thoroughly understand and appreciate quantitative neuroanatomy. I can’t imagine our science without Neurolucida!"
Dale Sengelaub, Ph. D.
Indiana University
"I'm a huge fan Neurolucida's cell tracing and auto-detection features, which greatly assisted me in characterizing the morphology of abnormal neurons."
Michael Hester, Graduate Student
University of Cincinnati
"Our experience with the MBF equipment and especially the MBF people has been outstanding. I cannot speak any higher about their professionalism and attention for our needs."
Bogdan A. Stoica, M.D.
University of Maryland
"Stereo Investigator is the most reliable tool for collecting unbiased stereology data. And it’s backed by excellent technical and research support teams at MBF."
Mark West, M.D., Ph.D.
Aarhus University, Denmark
Exploring Big Data Microscopy
Exploring Big Data Microscopy
What is Bias?
What is Bias?


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