"MBF has THE BEST customer service in the industry. The staff at MBF go above and beyond basic customer service, time and time again. They always provide efficient, knowledgeable, and unmatched support to all users of Neurolucida and Stereology."
Meaghan Wilkin, Ph.D. Candidate
Queen's University, Ontario, Canada
"AutoNeuron is the future of quantitative neuromorphology. I am particularly excited about AutoNeuron's interactive function because it will allow for much more efficient tracing of Golgi stained neurons, which are notoriously difficult to quantify."
Bob Jacobs, Ph.D.
Colorado College
"I'm a huge fan Neurolucida's cell tracing and auto-detection features, which greatly assisted me in characterizing the morphology of abnormal neurons. Neurolucida is easily learned, intuitive, and was clearly designed by scientists."
Michael Hester, Graduate Student
University of Cincinnati
"Using Neurolucida, we were able to collect, store, and analyze large amounts of data with more precision and accuracy than would have been possible without the digital interface."
Tara Chowdhury
A graduate student working in Dr. Aoki's lab, New York University.
"MBF Bioscience is extremely responsive to the needs of scientists and is genuinely interested in helping all of us in science do the best job we can."
Sigrid Veasey, M.D.
University of Pennsylvania
"As an old dog, who isn’t too fond of new tricks, I have to admit that the new interface is quite intuitive, and it only took me a few minutes to figure out how to use it. MBF Bioscience has paid close attention to streamline the tracing process."
Bob Jacobs, Ph.D.
Colorado College, Neurolucida user since 1993
"We love the new user interface. It makes it much easier to find what you need, and it handles large images much better."
Stan Watson, M.D., Ph.D.
University of Michigan
"MBF Labs's work was exquisite and was available in a timely fashion. It was a pleasure to work with their capable team."
Carson Cornbrooks, Ph.D.
University of Vermont
"Neurolucida is one of the very few systems that combines complex morphometrical quantification with beautiful display of the results."
Ahmed Salehi, M.D., Ph.D.
Stanford Medical School


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