MBF Bioscience SfN Global Connectome Social Event

MBF Bioscience at the SfN Global Connectome: A Virtual Event

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Join MBF Bioscience for a series of free virtual sessions, a component of the SfN Global Connectome Socials. To keep you up to date with MBF Bioscience technologies, our experts will cover recent innovations in:




Stereo Investigator®



We will be having three different free interactive sessions where both presenters and participants can connect virtually. You have a chance to discuss topics directly with field experts and network with others who share your interests.


Program Information

Session 1

Title: Neurolucida 360 FAIR Forum
Date and Time: Monday, January 11 (9:00 - 10:00 a.m. EST)


Let’s get together to discuss the current and future features of Neurolucida 360. We’ll help you see how to apply the capabilities of Neurolucida 360 in your research. With the new release of the neuromophological file format specification, MBF Bioscience is committed to making morphology data FAIR and open. It details each element of the MBF XML data file in an effort to encourage the reuse of these rich data files for alternative analysis. Help us shape software development for the coming year.

About the presenter:

  Susan Tappan, Ph.D. is the Scientific Director at MBF Bioscience. She received her degree at the University of Virginia studying developmental neuroscience. She left the bench and joined MBF as the senior scientific expert and liaison for MBF Bioscience, overseeing numerous research collaborations between MBF and academic researchers.  In September 2018, she was named principal investigator for MBF Bioscience’s role on the Stimulating Peripheral Activity to Relieve Conditions (SPARC) program. This NIH Common Fund project is a highly collaborative and extensive research initiative which aims to deepen the understanding of how the autonomic nervous system impacts internal organ function. MBF Bioscience fulfills a critical role in the mapping division, MAP-Core, wherein MBF provides image segmentation tools developed to handle large and diverse amounts of scientific image data to map nerves and their organ targets, as well as fit this data to a common reference space scaffold for each organ (across species). She leads MBF’s efforts to embrace FAIR data principles.

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Session 2

Title: Charting a Course for Brain Mapping
Date and Time: Tuesday, January 12 (9:00 - 10:00 a.m. EST)


Join Drs. Chip Gerfen and Nate O’Connor and talk about current efforts in brain mapping and standardization of measurements. We’ll talk about the problem in general and an approach we’ve developed that utilizes NeuroInfo. We also want to hear about your research needs (e.g., species, analyses, etc.) so that we can shape our current and future development efforts.

About the presenter:

Dr. O’Connor has been successfully researching and introducing technologies into the scientific imaging and analysis market since 1994.
Currently, he leads the development of MBF’s Biolucida platform for managing, viewing, sharing, and analyzing 2D and 3D whole slide images over the internet. Biolucida is used by researchers to organize, publish, and analyze large collections of whole slide images. It is also used in medical education by thousands of students studying histology and histopathology. He is also responsible for MBF’s BrainMaker and NeuroInfo technologies that automatically delineate images of experimental brain sections with anatomic regions from the Allen Mouse Brain Atlas and its ontology.
As the Director of Engineering at AutoQuant Imaging, Dr. O’Connor led the development and commercialization of what is now the gold standard technology in statistical 3D image restoration software, AutoDeblur. During his tenure at Molecular Devices (Sunnyvale, CA), and throughout a rich consulting experience, he implemented automated image management and analysis strategies for several laboratories and organizations, enabling managing, viewing, analyzing and succinctly reporting experimental results for imagery that can populate terabytes of data spread over thousands of files.

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Session 3

Title: Stereology Q/A Session with Dr. Daniel Peruzzi
Date and Time: Wednesday, January 13 (9:00 - 10:00 a.m. EST)


Join us for a live discussion with Questions and Answers about using design-based Stereology and Stereo Investigator for performing unbiased quantitative analyses in neuroscience research. Dr. Daniel Peruzzi will lead a discussion about commonly encountered challenges that researchers face along with special guest, Dr. Daniel Peterson an internationally respected expert in the application of stereological principles in the areas of neuroscience. This will be an informative Question and Answer session whether one is new to stereology or has been using Stereology or Stereo Investigator for years.

About the presenters:

  Dr. Daniel Peruzzi has a B.S. in Biochemistry and a doctorate in Anatomy and Neurobiology. He is currently head of technical support at MBF Bioscience. Dr. Peruzzi has worked for MBF Bioscience for 15 years and enjoys helping people use microscopic images of tissue to estimate number, length, surface and volume without making mistakes.
  Nathan Liese is the product manager for Neurolucida and Stereo Investigator software. He has been with MBF Bioscience for 16 years, fulfilling many different roles in the company. Just after completing his A.E. degree in Computer Engineering Nathan started at MBF Bioscience working in the tech room, testing systems before they were sent out to our research customers. He then moved to our technical services team that provides support, and onsite installation and training. From there he began advocating for our customers and providing researchers’ feedback and suggestions to our development team. In addition to his current role as product manager, Nathan is the senior software-release engineer and manages internal IT for the company.

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