Cleared Tissue

Cleared Tissue

Recently, there have been significant advances in tissue clearing techniques that have allowed scientists to reconstruct and map neural tissues with higher optical resolution and at greater tissue depth. These technological advances have led to a number of large-scale collaborations among research scientists and institutions focusing on constructing maps of neural circuits to better understand functional connectivity and anatomical factors relating to neurological disorders and diseases. MBF Bioscience has established collaborations with scientists at Columbia University to license a new microscope technology called Light Sheet Theta Microscopy (LSTM) that produces higher resolution images of cleared tissue and can image larger tissues at higher speeds than other Light Sheet technologies available.


ClearScope® is a complete state of the art microscope system utilizing LSTM technology that includes every tool needed to conduct a tissue scan from start to finish. The Clear Scope system allows researchers to:

  • Acquire 3D image montages automatically, either whole tissues or discrete sections
  • Store and remotely access massive 3D image files efficiently, minimizing system resource consumption
  • Access data remotely and collaborate with others
  • Analyze scanned images on any dedicated PC using MBF's full suite of included software tools such as Neurolucida 360, Vesselucida 360, and Brain Maker.
  • Create captivating images and video for publications
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Observe a 3D whole brain reconstruction acquired with LSTM

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