Quantifying Lung Tissue with Unbiased Stereology

There are many useful stereological probes in Stereo Investigator for quantifying various morphometric parameters sf the lung. Dan Peruzzi, Ph.D. and Masha Stern will discuss these probes and what type of estimates they can be used for in lung tissue. For example, the Cavalieri probe is used to estimate the volume of the lung. The area fraction fractionator probe is used to estimate the percentage of one type of tissue per another; for instance, parenchyma vs. bronchioles/vessels or fibrotic vs. normal tissue. Cycloids for Sv is used to estimate the surface area of alveoli while the cycloids for Lv probe or the spaceballs probe could be used to estimate the length of capillaries or elastic fibers. All of these probes can be used in Stereo Investigator with either the "Nv(Vreference)" method or the fractionator method.
We will also provide a practical demonstration of the physical disector/connectivity probe to estimate the number of alveoli.


What probes in Stereo Investigator can be used to quantify data in lung tissue, including number of cells or alveoli, length of fibers or blood vessels, surface area of alveoli, membrane thickness, and volume or percentage volume.


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