Society for Neuroscience 2017

Visit us at Booth #1637

November 11-15, 2017

Washington, DC

The SfN conference only happens once a year, and like us, we know you’ll want to make the most of it. We look forward to showing you all of the new developments we’ve made to our quantitative neuroscience solutions since last year’s meeting.  If you’ve always wanted one of our systems in your lab, this is a great opportunity to learn more about how our current systems and solutions can help you with your next breakthrough.



We Invite You to Visit Our Booth

  • Get a demonstration of our latest advancements and discuss your research questions with our staff scientists
  • Learn more about our complete “End-to-End” solutions
•  Image Acquisition: Confocal, Multi-Channel Fluorescent and Brightfield Microscopes, and Slide Scanners
•  Image Management: Managing, Accessing and Sharing Big Data for quantitative neuroscience research
•  Image Analysis: Neurolucida 360, Stereo Investigator for Cleared Tissue, Vesselucida, BrainMaker and more
  • Discuss options for upgrading your current MBF Bioscience system: Hardware, Software, Training, etc.
  • Meet with our systems configuration consultants to learn about our complete turn-key systems
  • See revolutionary new technology and new developments in quantitative neuroscience research
•  Vesselucida for microvasculature
•  Brain navigation
•  High-speed, multi-channel laser, confocal whole slide scanner….see it in action!



Highlights for 2017

  • Software

• Vesselucida for automatic reconstruction and analysis of microvasculature
• Stereo Investigator for Cleared Tissue and Stereo Investigator for Whole Slide Images
WormLab for advanced worm tracking and comprehensive analysis
• BNS: Brain Navigation System to automatically identify brain anatomy in your sections
BrainMaker for automatic generation of 3D whole brain image from 2D image data
Biolucida for managing and sharing big image data
  • Hardware 

• High-Speed, multi-channel, laser confocal scanner
• Affordable, stand-alone brightfield slide scanner
• Fully integrated brightfield microscope solutions for stereology and neuron tracing
• Fully integrated multi-channel fluorescent and confocal solutions for imaging
• High resolution color and monochrome cameras
WormLab imaging system with optogenetic and mechanosensation assays

Our Research Poster Presentations

Automatic reconstruction of vessels in images from cleared specimens

Presenter: Susan Tappan, Ph.D
Session Number: 175
Session Title: Connectomics: Automatic Tracing Techniques
Date and Time: Sunday Nov 12, 8:00am - 12:00pm
Location: UU74

Whole mouse brain cell mapping with anatomic specificity using a standardized atlas

Presenter: Nate O'Connor, Ph.D
Session Number: 721
Session Title: Software Tools II
Date and Time: Wednesday Nov 15, 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Location: WW19

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