Scalable Solutions

MBF develops customized, fully integrated research systems. We can provide everything from the microscope to the software, with a wide variety of solutions to ensure your system meets your needs and remains a relevant research tool for many years. If you plan to get a new microscope, we can work with you to ensure our software works with your new equipment.  If you already have a microscope, contact us to see if we can integrate our software with your existing equipment.  We design our systems to be extensible, so you can purchase only what you need now, with a clear upgrade path to add capabilities in the future.

"The staff at MBF Bioscience is easy to reach, efficient, practical, and friendly. They assure a seamless process in putting together the best system tailored to my research applications. They went above and beyond my expectations in facilitating the integration of hardware with outside vendors." Isabelle Aubert, Ph.D. Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre.

 In addition to upgrades to fluorescence, structured illumination or confocal microscopy, you can also add additional features such as whole slide imaging, automatic neuron tracing, and offline stereology analysis. No other system allows this flexibility. Get only what you need, and nothing that you don’t.

Here are some ways MBF gives you scalability:

  • A wide variety of extension modules for additional capabilities
  • Ability to easily add stereology capabilities to a neuron tracing system and vice versa in a cost-effective manner
  • Perform analysis on a computer that is not connected to a microscope to minimize the time needed on a microscope
  • Move a software license from computer to computer – flexibility to do your research on any computer
  • Compatibility with major microscope manufacturers.  If you get a new microscope, we can work with you to make sure your MBF software will work with your new equipment.