"We have used Neurolucida in many of our research projects . . . Our ongoing studies continue to benefit enormously from the AutoNeuron, AutoSpine and AutoSynapse modules of Neurolucida, developed by MBF."
Jennifer Luebke, Ph.D.
Boston University
"The Neurolucida System is very useful for doing quantitative analysis of neuronal morphology. Multiple parameters extracted by using this quantitative analysis program represent the intrinsic features of neurons."
Yun Wang, Ph.D.
Allen Institute for Brain Science
"Very strong company we have worked with for over a decade. Always very professional and service/customer oriented."
Kevin Brewer, Technical Services Manager
Wake Forest University School of Medicine, North Carolina
"The AutoNeuron module is very impressive in its design to 'follow' nerve fibers; we have been using it for almost 8 years. We use it to successfully trace complex nerve networks, for example those found around sweat glands in the skin."
Mona Selim, Research Associate
University of Minnesota
"I was able to create excellent 3D maps using the Solid Modeling module of Neurolucida. Without your expert advice, I'm not sure our poster would have been ready for presentation."
Susan Lantz, Biologist
National Center for Toxicological Research
"Our Stereo Investigator system works perfectly. We use it every day and don't have any problems whatsoever. Thanks for the good system."
Grazyna Rajkowska, Ph.D.
The University of Mississippi Medical Center
“Your company is one of the greatest for customer service. I always feel like a priority with your representatives.”
Sally Krajewski, Research Specialist
University of Arizona
"I have also been using Neurolucida for over 20 years with over 50 publications that have relied at least in part on the software. The product is marvelous and the support is the best of any software product I own."
Ruth Stornetta, Ph.D.
University of Virginia
"I have been using Neurolucida for over 20 years now. It sets the standard for what a tracing program should be able to do, and the ease of use has continually increased over the years. I have undergraduates using the program within a week."
Bob Jacobs, Ph.D.
Colorado College
"I rarely have encountered a company so committed to support and troubleshooting as MBF."
Andrew Hardaway, Graduate Student
Vanderbuilt University


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