Learning about Automatic Interactive Neuron Tracing and Dendritic Spine Detection

This presentation features Dr. Susan Tappan, Staff Scientist and Jeffrey Sprenger, Vice President demonstrating AutoNeuron's new user-guided automatic neuron reconstruction and the recent advancements in AutoSpine's automated spine detection. A 3D image stack of filled neurons that were imaged with a two-photon microscope is reconstructed using our latest user-guided reconstruction method -- an innovative approach to permit reconstruction in dense networks. Later, they work with a 3D image stack from a laser scanning confocal microscope to both demonstrate the advancements in spine detection and discuss the challenges. The image data and trace model are displayed in 3D for visualization. They also show how quantitative data can be reported.

In this practical demonstration you see some of our latest developments for automatically reconstructing neurons and detecting dendritic spines. These new features are in the latest release of the AutoNeuron and AutoSpine extension modules for Neurolucida.


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