Dendrites & Axons

Dendrites and Axons

Morphometric properties of dendrites and axons change due to many different types of biological processes and conditions that include disease, development, aging, and drugs.  Neurolucida helps researchers quantify these structural changes.  

Trace dendrites and axons, and mark spines and synapses directly from the microscope or from image stacks, in 2D or 3D, and from one section or through multiple sections. After you trace a neuron, Neurolucida provides a vast amount of data and analyses including dendrite and axon length, volume, surface area, branching order, tree order, etc.

For automatic data collection, use Neurolucida 360 with acquired images.

The completely automatic option includes the following steps:

1. Take an image stack with a Neurolucida or Microlucida system on a microscope, or with another software program

2. Save it to Biolucida to store and organize microscope images

3. Open the image stack with Neurolucida 360 (freeing up your microscope for another project)

4. Obtain accurate data and analysis for publication 

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