Stereo Investigator Graphics Displayed in Science Review Article

Long-time MBF customers at the University of Rochester Medical Center are considered leading experts in researching myelin diseases. They recently published a review article in Science titled “Glial Progenitor Cell-Based treatment and Modeling of Neurological Disease” in which they featured output from Stereo Investigator in the Figure 2 section to illustrate chimeric brains.

{Glial Progenitor Cell–Based Treatment and Modeling of Neurological Disease
Steven A. Goldman, Maiken Nedergaard, and Martha S. Windrem
Science 26 October 2012: 491-495.}


Several Distinguished Academic Guests Visit MBF Bioscience

From left to right: Robert Ogilvie, Christoph Schmitz, Nathan O’Connor, Jack Glaser, and Joseph Makurkiewicz.

We were delighted to host three visitors this week: Dr. Robert Ogilvie from the Medical University of South Carolina, Dr. Joseph Makurkiewicz from the Center for Neuropharmacology & Neuroscience at the Albany Medical College, and Prof. Christoph Schmitz from the Neuroanatomy Department at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich (Germany).

Dr. Makurkiewicz and Dr. Ogilvie were meeting with Jack Glaser, President of MBF, and Nathan O’Connor, Product Manager, to learn more about Biolucida Cloud.