Researchers cited MBF systems in 18 papers during the week of 12/12/2016

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Alberico, S. L., Kim, Y.-C., Lence, T., & Narayanan, N. S. (2016). Axial levodopa-induced dyskinesias and neuronal activity in the dorsal striatum. Neuroscience. doi:

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Jacinto, L. R., Mata, R., Novais, A., Marques, F., & Sousa, N. (2016). The habenula as a critical node in chronic stress-related anxiety. Experimental Neurology. doi:

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Mandolesi, G., De Vito, F., Musella, A., Gentile, A., Bullitta, S., Fresegna, D., . . . Mori, F. (2016). miR-142-3p is a key regulator of IL-1β-dependent synaptopathy in neuroinflammation. Journal of Neuroscience, 0851-0816.

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Potter, R. M., Huynh, R. T., Volper, B. D., Arthur, K. A., D’Lugos, A. C., Sørensen, M. A., . . . Carroll, C. C. (2016). The impact of TGF-β inhibition during acute exercise on Achilles tendon extracellular matrix. American Journal of Physiology-Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology, ajpregu. 00439.02016.

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Svarcbahs, R., Julku, U. H., & Myöhänen, T. T. (2016). Inhibition of Prolyl Oligopeptidase Restores Spontaneous Motor Behavior in the α-Synuclein Virus Vector–Based Parkinson’s Disease Mouse Model by Decreasing α-Synuclein Oligomeric Species in Mouse Brain. Journal of Neuroscience, 36(49), 12485-12497.

Tchantchou, F., Fourney, W. L., Leiste, U. H., Vaughan, J., Rangghran, P., Puche, A., & Fiskum, G. (2017). Neuropathology and neurobehavioral alterations in a rat model of traumatic brain injury to occupants of vehicles targeted by underbody blasts. Experimental Neurology, 289, 9-20. doi:


Hamada, M. S., Goethals, S., de Vries, S. I., Brette, R., & Kole, M. H. P. (2016). Covariation of axon initial segment location and dendritic tree normalizes the somatic action potential. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1607548113.

Jacinto, L. R., Mata, R., Novais, A., Marques, F., & Sousa, N. (2016). The habenula as a critical node in chronic stress-related anxiety. Experimental Neurology. doi:

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Sun, C., Hummler, E., & Hill, D. L. (2016). Selective Deletion of Sodium Salt Taste During Development Leads to Expanded Terminal Fields of Gustatory Nerves in the Adult Mouse Nucleus of the Solitary Tract. [10.1523/JNEUROSCI.2913-16.2016]. The Journal of Neuroscience.

Voulalas, P. J., Ji, Y., Jiang, L., Asgar, J., Ro, J. Y., & Masri, R. (2016). Loss of dopamine D1 receptors and diminished D1/5 receptor-mediated ERK phosphorylation in the periaqueductal gray after spinal cord lesion. Neuroscience. doi:

Xu, J., He, J., He, H., Peng, R., & Xi, J. (2016). Comparison of RNAi NgR and NEP1–40 in Acting on Axonal Regeneration After Spinal Cord Injury in Rat Models. Molecular Neurobiology, 1-11. doi: 10.1007/s12035-016-0315-3.

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