Early Bird Rate Available for Dr. Peterson’s Stereology Workshop

Stereo Investigator GraphicDr. Peterson’s 2015 Practical Workshop in Confocal Microscopy and Stereology will be held August 17 – 21 in Chicago, Illinois. An early bird rate is available up to and including June 15, 2015. Sign up today!

Who Should Attend

  • Graduate students who need to use modern microscopy or stereology in their projects
  • Postdoctoral fellows who would benefit from a comprehensive introduction to microscopy and stereology
  • Young investigators who need to incorporate these analytical approaches into their labs
  • Investigators new to histological analysis who need a rapid and complete introduction to these techniques

Description of the Workshops:

  • To provide intensive, hands-on training in the cutting edge technologies of confocal microscopy and design-based stereology. Evening sessions offer individual training and project consultation
  • Extensive group discussion- participants are encouraged to bring their own material and to discuss their projects

Experienced Instructor:

Daniel A. Peterson, Ph.D. has been conducting international courses in microscopy and stereology since 1996. Dan is an NIH-funded investigator in neural repair and stem cell biology who maintains an active lab. He is on the editorial board ofNeurobiology of Aging, Frontiers in Neuroscience andStem Cells and Development among other journals in the field of regenerative medicine and is a frequent ad-hoc reviewer for a number of neuroscience, stem cell, and clinical journals. Dan served as Chairman of an NIH study section (Neurogenesis and Cell Fate) and is Professor and Vice-Chairman of Neuroscience and Director of the Center for Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine.

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